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RLB 5: Empty House (Schedule) Full House (Schedule)

Time period: 3rd October – 29th October 2016

When I reflect upon October, a single word places itself at the top of my mind; INTENSE. Intense because of the extra workload responsibilities and other commitments presenting themselves.

I think of it similar to a house and furniture, the house being my schedule and the furniture being the added elements to the schedule. Before October my house was adequate, let us consider it empty at this time, it was liveable though.

After October my house was full, rooms filled with unbeknown and unseen furniture, now my house had too many new appliances to take care of.

What am bleating on about houses and schedules for then; well somewhat unexpectedly 7 new classes with 5 different groups implemented themselves into my current schedule. Additionally a private lesson and Romanian lessons also hopped on the schedule bandwagon. How this all occurred at once is just how life and commitments commence themselves.

It may not seem that a further 11 hours work would be so arduous but with the added planning for the lessons and the travelling between locations certainly my days have become much longer and rather demanding.

A major player making those days longer with the most hours committed is the corporate world, I can’t go into specific details about the work, corporation etc. but I found myself entering the corporate world to teach English to some of the employees working there.

The central problem is the extra travel to the location, occasionally up to an hour can be spent getting there and then another hour used to journey on wards to a different workplace. The extra planning for those couple of days also makes the corporate world a time consuming place, the students and classes are enjoyable enough though, these classes shall end in early December meaning a relief of duties when that time occurs.

I must say however the corporate world is a rather curious and perplexing domain to enter; peculiar looking security barricades greet you, diverse methodologies encompass you and overall a differing atmosphere sways through the office building. For me the corporate world is not a place I aim to work but I don’t begrudge those who do, I much prefer the smaller independent family orientated employers.

As well as the corporate world supplementary commitments include further classes, conversational based and teaching, an unexpected private lesson and Romanian classes. The private lesson was unforeseen because it came out of the blue, a phone call ensued, a greet and meet took place and then lessons followed, however it is an enjoyable lesson and not so taxing for me.

Another enjoyable yet tiring engagement ensuing is myself participating in Romanian classes – twice a week for two hours per lesson the teacher becomes the student. It has been a refreshing experience being a student and learning rather than teaching to learn. I remember the 1st class and the anxious wait amongst the students for the class to begin, the class soon began and ended quicker than expected.

The sheer amount of information and exercises completed made the class fly by, the classes seem to go so quick as a student, sometimes as a teacher it can be a slow monotonous drag; it could be because the information is new meaning there is much more to process and learn rather than if I had a foundation to build upon.

I don’t know what type of student I am, I know I have not studied as much as I should have with so many commitments elsewhere but material taught in the classes is being retained.

Being a student has also helped me as a teacher, seeing the frustrations I have as a student with wanting certain things taught in a different way or being unclear about taught material in classes has made me empathise with my students and the subsequent frustrations they must have. From this I have tried to teach slightly differently to ensure a smoother and easier learning curve for my students; but also by pushing those who need the extra attention or are skilfully above the rest.

Despite the intensity of the month with such long days it has been an intriguing month, much has been learnt and this seasonal period is very joyful to behold.

As the winter winds creep in and the autumn colours flourish a plethora of oranges can be seen throughout the busy city of Bucharest.

The beautiful autumn leaves are clinging on for life as winter rapidly gets closer, for now they exude such an alluring artistry that make the daily walks easier to partake on.







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