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RLB 12: Glorious 4D, The Enchanting Danube, much fish and an End.

Time period: June 2017

Tuesday Evening – a darkened theatre room surrounds me, water is spraying me in the face and my seat is moving vigorously with an occasional knock in the back. Bubbles are floating across the room and 3D images wade in front of me. No, luckily I am not being held captive in an escape room or something else worse but experiencing the world of 4D cinema.

To my recollection except for a short 4D experience in a tourist attraction of less than 10 minutes this was my first full foray into witnessing and feeling a 4D movie.

With a 4D film you don’t just watch the movie in glorious 3D but you become a part of the films undertaking. Your chair moves with the action of the film or suspends you high or low dependent on the vantage point of the scene.

A stab in the back on the screen is replicated with a soft blow in the back with your chair and wispy smoke wafts across adding to the atmosphere of what is being seen. Spray water was also used in abundance to emulate waves or splashing, considering the film was set around the seas much water for this cinema outing was used. At one point during the film bubbles charmingly skipped across the screen adding nicely to the current scene.

Overall the 4D film experience was a little rough to begin with but thoroughly enjoyable,

It is intriguing to think what future possibilities await cinema goers with new technologies and consumers demanding more from a movie experience.

The film which was excellent in my opinion was The Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales/Salazar’s revenge.

Away from the rough and tumble of 4D cinema I experienced opposing emotions in the Danube Delta. The Danube Delta a UNESCO protected site is the 2nd largest in Europe and estimated as the best preserved on the European continent.

Much hype and many witnesses have touted the Danube in Romania as a must see. Subsequently I went with high expectations, to get there a few hours driving from Bucharest took place but this will only get you so far.

A small taxi boat or other arrangement must be made to continue onwards towards your accommodation which drops you on a small jetty close to the Pensiunea of your choice.

As I and my companion arrived we were greeted with lunch which consisted of fish and even more fish. Tradition in this area dictates fish arrives first followed by fish soup, then there was grilled fish followed by dessert thankfully not made of fish to end it all.

The rest of the time was spent relaxing, inhibiting the surroundings and venturing on a walk, although being in the Danube the walk was limited to a straight-shooting path past houses, other accommodation, a town hall, even a small school and hairdressers on route of the hike.

Certainly it was relaxing and beautiful but not outstandingly spectacular. The real exquisite charms of the Danube would reveal themselves the following day.

After a fish free breakfast a boat ride was undertook which ventured down small channel lanes, entered into great open bodies of water and along secretive passageways leading to wondrous views.

Along the way a range of wild birds could be seen, turtles popped up, fish were swimming, fishers mostly fishermen were dotted along riverbanks and enchanting greenery with pulsating delicate flowers adorning the area were spotted.

The boat ride was enigmatic with a gentle breeze being felt and a sublime peacefulness and tranquillity endured during the boat journey. From this boat voyage of a few hours I could understand the high praise for the Danube and was not regretting having come.

The boat stopped somewhere near a small village of around 400 people, the area once thrived with 2000 people but with a lack of employment and opportunities people seek refuge elsewhere.

From here a forest jeep ride was taken, although it was far less fun than the boat with plenty of bugs pestering around the jeep and the forest not really being a forest, it was more an area of greenery. A famous tree was also witnessed but I can’t recall the name or story of the tree.

Post jeep ride the boat returned us to the Pensiunea for a lunch which again consisted of fresh fish and an extremely good apple cake dessert. Despite eating much fish these days the food was mouth wateringly fantastic.

How good it was, was discovered on the return journey back to Bucharest, for lunch on the return leg a pit stop in a recommended fish restaurant with great reviews was chosen. The food although nothing was wrong with it was just not comparable to what had been eaten the prior days.

Driving home which I aided in and is much simpler away from the madness of Bucharest was relaxing enough seeing the expanding countryside and few other drivers.

A pit stop at a castle was also taken, it was lovely to see more great views from high up and to reflect upon the sheer elegance of the Danube Delta.

Back in Bucharest as the summer approaches and my classes are ending a joyousness and slight dismay washes over me; joy certainly at certain classes ending but a happy sadness at what has been achieved in other classes.

It has been a joyful teaching year overall with tough times but plenty of laughs also. The future at the moment looks a little uncertain but my mind somewhat has it planned out.

I don’t think this is the end of my Romanian journey but for now my summer holidays shall lead me away from Romania for new adventures elsewhere.

More to be revealed soon…..

“There is no such thing as failure. You either succeed or learn”

(Kevin Kruse)



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