Quiet yet thoughtful, an abundance of thoughts often sweep across my mind, not all good nor bad, sometimes they can be mundane or problematic, occasionally inspirational or rewarding.

I am and have always been called mature, I am not without my faults or issues, this is human nature. I am continuously learning, wanting and trying to learn, to improve myself and push on past my comfort zone.

Most definitely I am a country boy having very fortuitously been raised in the beautiful English countryside. However my desire to pursue and create a different life path has led me away from my humble beginnings. I am pursuing and discovering my life’s path as I continue along its complex and often confusing course.

It would be inconceivable for me to say though that I do not have certain desires, ambitions, goals and adventures of which I want to achieve along this journey called life.

I would call myself an adventurer, I am bored by the ordinary and the average; I need thrilling moments or experiences to sustain my enjoyment and enthralment for my soul.

These ventures usually come through travelling, travel is such a beautiful and enriching undertaking. I have witnessed truly incredible events and seen outstandingly breathtakingly beautiful places; however a traveller’s journey is never complete and new exploits are always being planned.

My other passions for life include music, a day without a song is a hard day indeed. Reading also is a great enjoyment for me and can take you to such magical places or give to you incredibly wondrous knowledge.

Another affection of mine is writing hence the blog as well as other side projects.

In case you were wondering of my occupation I am an English teacher, not something I wholly planned or envisioned for myself but it’s an interesting and mostly enjoyable experience.

Enjoy the articles, feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions.

Peace dear readers.

Your blog writer, Mark